Inviting Car Offers

Encouraging the next generation of enthusiasts is vital. I invite offers of cars for the project from private owners and classic car clubs.

The present group of cars have been offered by:
(i) Private owners who, for various reasons, were not using the car often and felt that the project offered the opportunity for the car to be used with care rather than be hidden from view deteriorating.
Syndicates of Private Owners – a group of like minded owners – may wish to share the buying / sourcing of a care to offer into the project.

(ii) Clubs having inherited a car from a past member deciding that the project ensured careful use of the car and at the same time encouraging a new generation of enthusiasts.
(iii) Clubs having purchased a car (maybe from a member) specifically to put into the project with a committee / group supporting the recipient through the year.

How often have we come across an owner with several cars which do not see light of day from one year to the next? I guess we all know of suitable cars which fall into this category. Cars like this must be recommissioned before being put into good use within the project. Cars are handed over to young drivers in good reliable mechanical condition to enhance the pleasure of the motoring experience.

Please note that the owner / club chooses who gets the car from the list of applicants to the project. Equally the owner / club is fully involved throughout the year loan period.

What sort of cars? All makes and types are welcome so long as they are over 20 years old and preferably 30 years old or more. I do not seek high performance or indeed high value cars. Saloons, open tourers, sports cars and light commercials will all be considered.

Condition? Good sound cars rather than concours are sought. Good mechanical condition is important as it must be free from any serious defect and capable of use with only the usual day to day maintenance whilst on loan. Cars which have lain idle for a period will need to be recommissioned before being put on loan.

Young driver applications are all carefully selected, and short listed for the owner / club, to ensure that your car is in safe hands. During the loan period each young driver has your designated mentor / contact to give support to ensure that they benefit from the experience and that your car is well looked after during the loan period. I am of the opinion that a successful period driving a classic car will make a better driver.

Interested in offering a car?

Contact me to look at how this can be made possible.

Some examples of ownership….
Cars below: The Austin 7 was purchased by the PWA7 Club specifically to put into the project.
The Vauxhall Victor was bequeathed to the club and to give regular use was then put into the project.
The Ford Model Y is owned by a group of private enthusiasts.
The  Maestro is privately owned.