How To Apply

Applying for a loan car.

When do I apply?
See our Latest News page and Loan Cars page for cars available.

We like cars to be available to new enthusiasts for the show season from early summer. However, we do not have a rigid start date so applications are welcome at any time of year.  Applications will be considered for whatever cars are available at that time – just ask – and applications can be held over pending cars becoming available.

How do I apply?
Email the Project Manager indicating for which car(s) you wish to apply. You will be sent a questionnaire to complete.
NB. All applications will be acknowledged.

Selection: the final selection decision will be made by the car owner and the project manager.

“Winners” will be notified in advance of the hand over day to enable classic car insurance to be put in place.

Unsuccessful applications may be held over, on request, to the next phase.

You may want to check our FAQ page.