How Does The Project Work

How Does The Project  Work?

A young driver gets a classic car from our group to drive and care for during a year loan period. The project is designed to reduce risk and safeguard all parties at all points.
Classic Car insurance by Peter James Insurance Company is a vital element in the running of the project.

Some details:
Car on loan for up to a year to a younger enthusiast  (normally 25+ yrs.) .
We have been able to obtain cover for under 25’s, with very reasonable premium, from Peter James Insurance.
NB: Short term loan eg. 8/10 months may be appropriate in some cases. eg. sports / open cars.

Cars in the project are normally at least 20 years old to be eligible for Classic Car Insurance cover.  Insurance,including breakdown cover, is arranged within the project in liaison with Peter James Insurance Co. The “Borrower” to cover the cost of insurance (PJI offer a discount voucher) but remember that classic car insurance premiums are surprisingly affordable.

The Project manager invites applications from prospective “driver/”borrowers”via the classic car press. See “How To Apply” page.
The Owner/ Club, in conjunction with the project manager, are responsible for the final selection of the “Borrower”.

*The “Borrower” to use the car for social and family excursions, attending appropriate shows and events within UK.

*The “ Borrower” to be financially responsible for care and routine daily maintenance, secure storage and insurance.   The car to have no obvious faults and to be serviced/prepared prior to hand over.

*Owner and “Borrower” to sign an agreement covering all the above.

*Car to take part in “hand over” event at The British Motor Museum or other venue as appropriate. “Borrower” to drive car on private road facility to become familiar with the car and general controls and “under bonnet” care.

*Handbook/service books to accompany the car .
Mentor / contact allocated by club / owner for ongoing support and communication during the loan period.

*The Borrower” to be in regular communication with the Owner and Project Manager and to maintain a diary covering the car in use and notes on any maintenance. These reports to feature in the classic car press and car club magazines/websites. Project website will feature the stories, as well as links to supporting clubs, on

*All involved in project to be supportive of our sponsors as appropriate.

The project depends on reducing risk at all stages and through mutual trust being engendered between all involved.

The project is proving to be very successful with some of the young drivers having now bought a classic. See “Our Successes” page.

Incidentally I am of the opinion that a successful period driving a classic car will make a better driver.

You can also follow our progress on
Instagram –  classiccarloanproject

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