Driving Tips For Classic Newcomers.

Driving Tips For Classic Newcomers.

Driving a classic car is a challenge to those who have experienced only modern cars. It is a challenge worth taking on as the result is probably to become a better driver for all cars and situations.

The following tips have come from the young drivers in the Classic Car Loan Project as a result of their year long, but first, experience with a classic car.

Their tips:

Allow more time for your journeys. Don’t rush. Enjoy the drive, and the challenge of driving well.

Drive with greater mechanical sympathy and less speed. Avoid heavy acceleration and braking.

Classic brakes are very different from modern brakes, keep big gaps! Think ahead, brake early and steadily.

Drive with awareness of your speed differential with modern cars. Check your rear view mirror and be aware of those wishing to overtake you.

Check rear view mirror and signal your intentions eg. to turn in good time and be positive in taking up your chosen path when clear. 

Plan your routes to avoid possible holdups in heavy traffic, and motorways. Take maps with you.

Be prepared to pull into a layby to let the build up of moderns pass … like good caravanners do.

Become familiar with the car so that you can find all switches even in the dark.

Do your maintenance checks. Ensure tyres are properly inflated – helps handling and keeps you safe.

Always carry tools, water and a torch……… and your mobile phone!
Don’t worry as your classic car insurance probably includes breakdown cover.

All our project cars have breakdown cover as standard from Peter James Insurance.

If your car doesn’t have a radio and you are doing a long journey take a battery operated one! OR Simply listen to the music of the engine!

Additional Comments:
Don’t hurry. Classic cars are about taking your time. They will get you there if you take your time and look after them well. So don’t watch the clock, watch the road, and to enjoy the simple act of driving and enjoy all of the friendly smiles you get.

By slowing you down slightly, it also reminds you not to rush – to take your time -. In a classic car you are far more in tune with the vehicle, more aware of the road and your surroundings, and far more likely to take pleasure in it all.

One of the best things about driving a classic car is the ability to make other people smile, just simply by being there. The number of people who smile or wave as you drive past in a classic that they remember from their childhood, or that they don’t often see on the road anymore, is truly addictive.

One young driver quoted …..

“The experience of driving a classic over several months has made me a better and safer driver of my modern car. Smoother drive, greater anticipation and awareness. Thanks for such a wonderful opportunity.”