Drivers Stories 2020

This is the page to read about the journeys and adventures of our latest group of drivers, some of whom are now finally able to get out on the road…..or nearly!  The effects of the Corona Virus pandemic have drastically reduced our activities. 

In May only 6 cars were in the hands of our chosen young drivers.  By August we were moving again as the 1933 Morgan and Alvis TC21 have been handed over to younger drivers….

And more since…..     Meanwhile catch up with the young enthusiasts……see below….!




1929 Ford Model A Phaeton. Charlie Tanner.

Classic Car Loan Project, Birmingham NEC, Ford
Pic: The A on display. Birmingham NEC



Charlie took over the Model A late in 2019. The owner, Peter Garrett, agreed that Charlie could keep the car through 2020 to maximise the driving experience.
Above Pics- At NEC.  Hand Over from Peter Garrett,  friends back home on a summer outing.


1930 Ford Model A Saloon. Simon Darbon.








Simon collected the car, from owner Peter Garrett, and then drove from Bedfordshire to Norfolk. “I enjoyed the drive as I relaxed and waved to passers by. By the time I got home I felt as though I had learned to drive all over again!”
No doubt many more local miles will be covered in the coming months.Picture shows the foot operated mechanical starter switch which Simon replaced with one sent by owner Peter Garrett. Simon said,” I feel proud to have fixed something  (with guidance) on the car. In this short time (3 weeks) I have learned so much about looking after a Model A. Thanks CCLP “

Simon was encouraged, by the owner, to use the car regularly and he is doing just that with great enthusiasm….even enjoying the lack of synchromesh gears  on a November outing. (See pic).



1934 Morgan Three Wheeler Sports with Steven Finch.

Steven has been using the “lock down” time to give the Morgan some fine TLC ready for the day when he can drive the open road.



The video above shows a sparkling Morgan ready for the off! Just look at the engine valves working and listen to the exhaust….wonderful.


1933 Morgan (Matchless Engine). Richard Anafi.



Richard Anafi (Centre) with his wife Amy, collecting the Morgan from owner John Snell ready to start some exciting motoring around northern Lancashire. Second pic. includes Steve Hughes who will be Richard’s supporter and mentor during the loan period. Richard and Amy getting ready for some local runs.


1936 Austin 7 Ruby. with Luke Seddon.

Luke travelled from Bristol to South Wales to meet up with Edgar “Ned” Stephens before trailering the car home. Once home he took advantage of a fine sunny day to put on a few miles on local roads. “The little car struggled a bit with some of our hills but created a slow moving show. I intend to join a local Austin 7 car club to take advantage of events and general support.”






Luke Seddon (on left) looking forward to the challenge of older classic driving. (Pic) –  Austin Ruby in new home.
The car is owned by Ned Stephens and his dad Jonathan. …..thanks to both for offering the car!






Above pic. shows the cylinder head removed for “decoke”……or decarbonisation. Luke is doing this , with the consent of the owner, to improve the engine performance. This was an annual job years ago when oils and petrol were less efficient. Note that each cylinder has rag placed inside to stop ingress of loose carbon. The allied job was usually to check the valve seating to give good engine compression and pulling power. ….much needed by the 747 ccs. engine! This is a genuine hands on experience for Luke …we await his feedback.



1949 Alvis TD 14 with Josh Bennett.

As lockdown eases Josh has been doing the occasional trip in the Alvis to keep the wheels turning. The picture below is at the Hook Norton brewery where Josh had to pick up emergency supplies! Actually, Josh ran out of essential supplies and visited again on the Hook Norton Classic Car meet!


1954 Ford Popular with Rachel Cook.

Rachel had to persuade a reluctant Ford Pop that going out was now ok so long as he did not go far. He refused ! This necessitated him having to have his ignition checked along with some sharp words from Rachel. Picture tells the tale! “Pop” would not leave his lock down garage!
Even a What’s App tutorial to check the ignition did not work.
Ford Sidevalve Owners Club (FSOC) member Nigel to thee rescue….swapped the distributor and lo and behold “Pop ” decided to start! Even the dog was surprised as the pic. shows.. Rachel was mobile again. The Pop was treated to a good polish and was on local duty taking Rachel to Yoga classes during the lockdown weeks.





1954 Alvis TC 21 Saloon. Phillip Zelley.





Phillip’s brother Martin met up with owner John Snell and transported the superb Alvis to Essex where Phillip will begin to enjoy classic motoring in style.  Incidentally, this is the same John Snell who owns the Morgan (Matchless) now with Richard Anafi. (See above).

Phillip (on left) and Martin took the beautiful Alvis on a run to their favourite local at Finchingfield. Mylo, Phillip’s son took care of them and the car ……looks like another young car enthusiast in the making!






Phillip parked the lovely Alvis alongside a local War Memorial to salute the past.


1956 Ford Anglia with Josh Jeffrey.




Josh collected the car from owner Norman Wedley and enjoyed his “old car” drive home. The smile tells it all. It is hard to acknowledge that the Anglia is almost 65 years old!


1960 Vauxhall Victor. George Turner.





George Turner is continuing his Victor experience courtesy of the Vauxhall Victor Owners Club following an enjoyable 2019 season. He has been restricted to local runs in 2020 since car shows were few. A pal was dying for a ride in a classic ….George was keen to oblige as the pic(above) shows.
A neighbour has a new Corsa – see pic. of the Victor some 60 years older! What a shine George!

1967 Vauxhall Viva SL 90 with Jake Geraghty.

Jake came to England from Perth in Australia last year to pursue his interest in the classic car world. He is now working for a classic car restorer and has enrolled as an apprentice at the Heritage Skills Academy, Bicester. He learned of the Classic Car Loan Project and applied for the Viva which was kindly offered by the Vauxhall Viva Owners Club. It has been a busy year or two! He took delivery of the car in October after meeting with VVOC club officers…..and drove away smiling!



Above: Jake with VVOC Chairman Fred Dukes. Checking under bonnet with Marcus Cooper (Membership Officer) , and video of Jake starting his experience with a broad smile!

Jake did an interview at the Heritage Skills Academy at Bicester….see video below.



1968 Morris Minor Traveller…..awaiting hand over.

The lovely little Minor Traveller was “locked in ” with previous recipient Richard Sanders. The car is now being prepared ready to hand on but first it has to go back to owner Norman Wedley. Richard is shown giving the car some TLC…





1983 Austin Maestro with Joel Willis.






Due to a change of circumstance, Max Bresnahan had to hand back the Maestro having had “a lot of fun with the lovely little car.”
The Maestro was MoT’d (first pic.) and prepared for handing over to Joel Willis who felt “honoured to have the car and am looking forward to sharing experiences with the group”. He received the keys and handbooks from owner Tanya Field at The British Motor Museum (pic 2) in October.
We look forward to seeing more pics. and hearing from Joel over the coming months.






An early task was to check the exhaust, on the ramps, and remembering to chock the front wheels … Work safely!



1988 Volvo 240 Estate with Jared Joubert.

Jared too has been getting the wheels turning again with the trusty Volvo Estate after weeks of lockdown. The picture below is in the lovely village of Swinnerby where the brightly coloured estate car drew admiring glances.