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March 2020: As the loan period ends I want to express a big thank you to all the young drivers for sharing their stories and for playing their part in encouraging the next generation of classic car owners.
Bob Wilkinson. Project Manager.


1929 Ford Model A Phaeton – Liam Stafford.

This is the third year for the Model A in the project thanks to the generosity of owner Peter Garrett.
Liam’s first drive was at The British Motor Museum, Gaydon, on Hand Over Day April 2019 then followed by a visit to his local where friends were mightily impressed! The hood was up for a drive to the Arboretum on National Drive it Day. “Getting used to the double de -clutching on the car’s 3 speed crash box.

Sadly Liam has decided to hand back the car due to a change in personal circumstances. He says,”I wish to express my sincere gratitude to you for allowing me the opportunity to take on the Model A, albeit for a short time. I have very much enjoyed the experience of driving such vehicle, and thank you for making this possible. “

NEW DRIVER TAKES OVER……..  Charlie Tanner.

August: The Model A is now in the careful hands of Charlie Tanner who is involved in classic engine restoration. No doubt we shall be hearing from Charlie as he drives around the country roads of Wiltshire.
The picture below shows Charlie collecting the car from owner Peter Garrett. Note he  supports our sponsors – Duckhams and Peter James Insurance! Back home Charlie took the Model A for a 30 mile trip in the warm weather during August Bank Holiday…..enjoying the motoring with two companions.Perfect weather and countryside for the Model A Phaeton with the hood down. Putting up the hood is a 2 man job! (See below).

1933 Austin 7 Saloon – Eddie Storer.

The Austin 7 was purchased by the generous spirited Pre War Austin 7 Club specifically to offer into the Classic Car Loan Project to encourage a younger driver to experience older style motoring. Eddie was chosen by the club to have the car for the year.

Eddie got the little Austin back home to Lincolnshire after first getting the keys at The British Motor Museum.He says,” Took some pals out to the local village for a take – away . I am impressed by the way this sturdy little car performs….feels at home in the flat lands around here. Could not resist taking the picture of the car alongside the Typhoon Eurofighter on the base where I work. The contrast in style and technology over the 80 years is amazing. Managing gear changes well now ….no crunching.”
“I am lucky to have access to a for post lift – the car having very narrow track just fits  – so have given all grease points attention. Must check the fuel gauge too as it seems to register no more than 2 gallons.”

“Took the backroads to Heckington from Coningsby, yet more unexplored routes, which were thoroughly enjoyable.  Quite a lot of subsidence made them very bumpy, so it was careful going and a lot of meandering around the worst bits to avoid toppling over! It was quite funny really, the little Austin was almost playfully skipping and bounding down the road, taking it in it’s stride.
Looking forward there is a free show on the 8th and 9th of June at Fir Park in Lincolnshire so I’m hoping to get her out for that, and a 1940s Weekend in Woodhall Spa in July would be nice too.”

June: Went to Fir Park Farm (Lincolnshire local meet) but I was busy bracing myself for the climb up the famous Lindum Hill in Lincoln, where traffic did mean a little of first gear was needed, but yet again the car took all Lincoln could throw at it in it’s stride. I found myself grinning ear to ear and patting the steering wheel, telling the car “Well Done!”
The show definitely worth the trip, so if you’re Lincolnshire based the next free show is 24th, 25th and 26th August 2019. They do have a website, so google search “Fir Park Transport Museum”.
I have entered the car into the display at the Woodhall Spa 1940’s weekend for the 13th &14th of July (My Birthday!).
More soon……

Above pics. show the little Austin 7 in good company….. a Lightning and of course the iconic Spitfire.

(Above pic.)  Eddie is serving in the RAF and has returned the Austin 7 as he has been posted abroad ….he says,” Missing the little car as all I have to look at is a fleet of green Land Rovers. “
Thank you Eddie for being such an enthusiastic young recipient of a car in the project.
Bob Wilkinson. (Feb. 14.  2020 ).

1934 Morgan Super Sports Three Wheeler – Scott Davies.

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Scott Davies has the Morgan for the year. Here we see the car in flight and pic. 2. with his wife Holly at the wheel.

Scott can be followed on

Or their Youtube channel HERE

Scott was determined to ensure he could care for the car as seen in the above where researching the lubrication needs of this very different car. Even the horse could not understand how it would go with only 3 wheels!
Joining a MTWC meet at Curbourough was an opportunity to join up with other Morgans ….got soaked in the heavy rain going home!
The car is being enjoyed by the whole family and Scott enjoys taking dad for a ride ….very much in the fresh air as the picture shows! Googles keep the flies out of your eyes!

March 2020. Mabel, the lovely Morgan, unfortunately left us yesterday on the back of a trailer, leaving a big hole in our garage and newly formed classic car shaped hearts. Whilst we are a little sad of her departure, we also so grateful that we got this opportunity. Words cannot describe the totally surreal and privileged position of borrowing her for not one but two years. Thanks to all for making this happen!
As a parting gift please check out our final video in the Living with Mabel series here:

1949 Alvis TA 14 Saloon – Josh Bennett.

Josh attended the Hand Over Day despite not getting his Alvis just yet. He did however, like all the new drivers, receive some engine oil from our sponsor Duckhams.  Josh is in the centre of the picture with other new drivers. Wayne Scott of Duckhams is second from left.

The Alvis is in final preparation ready to be presented to Josh at the Alvis annual gathering in June.We will be able to follow Josh later in the summer.
July: The Alvis has now been completed and is “on trial” prior to being handed over to Josh Bennett at the Newby Hall Show (Ripon, Yorkshire) on Sunday 21st. July. The car, now looking splendid, will be driven down from Inverness to the show where Josh will be handed the keys, given some tips on care and maintenance, before driving back home to Banbury.
We will be following Josh for the remainder of the year.
Sad news! The Alvis engine developed a problem just days before the planned hand over to Josh. The Alvis experts are now rectifying the fault and plan to give the car an extended test with a view to handing Josh the keys on the Alvis Owners Club stand at the NEC Classic Car Show in November.

The story of the Alvis :

Pics above ( on rt) show Josh with the Alvis at the FBHVC -EXPO event at The British Motor Museum (Jan 2020). Accompanied by Rachel Cook (of Ford Popular fame! ) delegates to the event learned first hand about the CCLP. Thanks Josh and Rachel for promoting the CCLP !

1954 Ford Popular – Rachel Cook.

Rachel collected the car from owner Richard Hudson in East Yorkshire not far from her Leeds home. Rachel came along to The British Motor Museum, Gaydon, to take part in the Hand Over Day. On getting back to Leeds she took the car into a MacDonalds Drive – Thru much to the delight and surprise of all  the other customers.The help of the AA (cover provided in project) was needed to fix a small electrical issue….no real drama… “All part of the fun,” says Rachel.

Took a trip out towards Otley and stopped at the Vintage Shop at Pool much to the delight of the shop keepers who came out and had a good look.
A Sunday trip to Castle Howard, near York, was the first journey following the June rainstorms. A lovely day out and I took my can of Duckhams too!

1956 Ford Anglia – Harrison Smith.

“Harry ” was presented with the Anglia as an early surprise (2 weeks earlier than he had thought!) on the Live Stage at the Practical Classics Restoration Show in March. He brought the car to the hand over day to join in along with all the others. He is pictured with owner Norman Wedley prior to a test drive.

As an apprentice at The Skills Academy , Bicester, Harry has been supported by The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs  (FBHVC ) in funding for his insurance premium along with sponsorship from Peter James Insurance. See   go to Newsletter 2019 -3 for the full story.

Harry is getting out and about with the Anglia including an evening show at Earls Barton, Northants. Pic. shows the Anglia parked alongside a sleek more modern classic…..though folk showed more interest in the Anglia!.

July 21st. Harry attended the Old Ford Rally, run by Bob Wilkinson, at The British Motor Museum (Gaydon) along with Anglia owner Norman Wedley and Peter Garrett who owns the Ford Model A. Phil Beck from Peter James Insurance joined the group in the arena. ( Below).

Before handing back the Anglia in March 2020, Harrison undertook some work on the Anglia (steering/ suspension bushes) at the Heritage Skills Academy, Bicester, where Harrison is taking his apprenticeship in classic car mechanical skills.He treated the car to a full service too ready for another young enthusiast to enjoy. (Pic. below at HSA).

1960 Vauxhall Victor – George Turner.

The Victor is owned by the Vauxhall Victor Owner’s Club who generously offered the car into the project.
George was handed the keys to the Victor by previous (2018)  project young driver Tom Pocock. He was aware that an early task   was to change the radiator which was suffering from a slow leak. Sadly the replacement was worse so the original was reinstated. This was a family affair with granddad wielding the spanners too. A set of workshop manuals from the Victor Club will come in handy.
George and the Victor  attended the (June ) Bromley Pageant along with the Maestro and Minor Traveller. They displayed proudly on the Peter James Insurance stand and responded to enquiries from visitors and made an arena. The Pageant programme featured all 3 of our project cars to invite more to join.

classic car loan project, Vauxhall Victor 1960, vauxhall, vintage, classic

Went to Hedingham Castle Show …. gave out a few of our project flyers as there was a good level of interest.(Pic below).

July 7th. Vauxhall Bedford and Opel Association Show – Sywell , Northants.
I was in pride of place on the Victor O.C. stand and was able to meet the club officers who had offered the car into the project and given me this wonderful experience. At the invitation of Club Chairman, Neil Bonner, I was able to speak to members and thank them personally. A wonderful day out and drive in the lovely Victor….I even came away with more parts too!

July 20th. Festival Of The Unexceptional.
A sad title for the show ….we had a lovely day out looking at cars we had forgotten about but all add to the rich colour of the classic car scene. You must see this show.

Also at Braintree Garden Show on a sunny Sunday on 1st. September.  (See video below).

Just Relaxing….
The Victor is a lovely car just to enjoy on a picnic run as you can see.Also an October meet at Chelmsford Quay. (Both pictures below.)

1968 Morris Minor Traveller – Richard Sanders.

Richard was presented with the Minor at Gaydon by owner Norman Wedley – Yes, Norman has generously offered two cars to the project this year. Norman was not able to use the cars as much as he would like this year so was delighted that Richard has taken over the role so enthusiastically. Richard has shared his excitement with visits to the family and garages the Minor next to his dad’s Morris Eight. Both were out in unison to Bicester on Drive it Day. On another day out the Minor was photographed  with another British icon at the RAF Biggin Hill Memorial Museum.

The Minor proved to be an excellent carrier of camping gear for a weekend at Goodwood. We showed up all the exotics!

The June London to Brighton run in lovely sunshine was an excellent day out with Richard’s mum as co-driver. The send off was patriotic (see pic) and to line up on the sea front at Brighton alongside other participants gave an opportunity to show off the Minor.Showed off our sponsors logos too!

Richard took the Minor to the Le Mans 24 Hour Race in June with Dad as navigator.

“After a 4am start we got down to Dover with no problems and onto the first Le Shuttle train of the morning. Six or Seven hours later we pulled into the Tetre Rouge campsite, right on the corner of the Le Mans racing circuit! The Minor Traveller not only made the journey with no hint of a problem – it also spent the entire journey getting waves, smiles, and huge thumbs up from the thousands of other Brits heading down to the race weekend.
Despite being surrounded by Ferraris, Aston Martins, and Porsches, it was the Traveller that drew the biggest smiles! Here we are parked up in camp (see above), next to our friends 911 GT3!
The journey home took a full 10 hours.. but at a slow and steady pace the car munched up the miles without hesitation. Even in the sweltering heat of sunny France the car was a dream. I wouldn’t hesitate on taking it on another long journey.
I quickly lost count of how many people came over to take photographs. I am so happy I didn’t show up in a modern car or van like everybody else. This is what the Traveller was designed for, travelling around with your camping gear and week’s supply of biscuits in the back.”

September: Richard had an enjoyable trip from Kent up to Cambridge in the lovely autumn sunshine. The Minor Traveller looks a picture …… also on a Saturday out at Petts Wood in Kent. Pub lunches never tasted better.

Out and about in company with another Minor in February….with heater working well !

(March 2020 ) A final drive out in the Minor before handing the car back…reluctantly!

1983 Austin Maestro – Max Bresnahan.

Max collected his car, from owner Tanya Field, at Gaydon having grown up with this model and always wanting to own one. An early visit to the seaside showed more time needed with parallel parking but the car being a rare sight these days created great interest. Max spent 99p. on a Haynes workshop manual to help when he is getting his hands a bit dirty. Took the gear lever gaiter off and did minor repair – maybe the first time removed since car was new. Booked in for Bromley Pageant along with George (Victor)  and Richard (Minor Traveller) so looking forward to meeting up.
One of our sponsors,Duckhams Oil, kindly presented us all with engine oil but try as I might to use it the little car has not yet developed a thirst! I may need to do an oil change during the year so the gallon can will no doubt make an appearance.

classic car loan project, 1983 Austin Maestro, Austin, vintage, classic

Took part in filming for You Tube….will give link soon.

The Maestro sailed through an MoT in November.

1988 Volvo 245 Estate – Jared Joubert.

Jared Joubert has been a Volvo fan from childhood so to have the 245 Estate from the Volvo Enthusiasts Club was a dream come true. The car was handed over, at Gaydon, by Kevin Price on behalf of the club. Jared intends to use the car for camping trips – yes, there is plenty of space in there! – in using the car as intended. Having fixed a sidelamp problem a first trip was to Nottinghamshire and Debyshire. Jared says,”The Volvo is hardly as elegant as some of the older cars in the group but being in excellent condition and now over 30 years old it does get noticed.”

Early June : Thanks to Kevin, for a lovely day out – despite the rain –  with the Volvo Enthusiasts Club at Hartlebury Castle , Kidderminster, with the other Volvos. Also got to see some more 200 series estates!

Tuesday, 13th August, saw myself, with the 245 Estate,joining Modern Classics Magazine, at Grimsthorpe Castle (Lincolnshire), along with 5 other modern classic estate cars, for a cover photo shoot.

The other estate cars were an immaculate E30 BMW Touring,  a bright red Ford Sierra estate,  a museum owned AUDI 100 “estate” (more of a lengthened hatch, in my opinion), a very special Citroën CX along, which was quite a treat for me, being an automotive design student. Lastly, a very neat Mercedes-Benz E-Class was on the scene.

James Noble (Citroën CX) and I drove along the main Grimsthorpe Caste driveway, behind the photography vehicle. As we were only doing between 10 and 20 mph, Modern Classic magazine said they’d be adding motion blurring during editing.

Individual shoots followed, during and after lunch, which was, again, kindly provided by Nathan, before he set off to do “driving impressions” in each of the estate cars.

Magazine staff,JJ and Nathan, explained to us that, as for the article, the 3 cars “in front” were the BMW – for driving, the Citroën – for uniqueness…and the Volvo, for being the most practical and “honest” estate. A great day out! See pics. below.

The gathering of the above cars was featured in the March issue of Modern Classics as we see from the pic. below. Well done Jared for flying the Volvo flag and representing the Classic Car Loan Project!