Drivers Stories 2018

The 4 loan cars in 2018. Handed Over at The British Motor Museum.

1929 Ford Model A Phaeton.

classic car loan project, 1929 Ford Model A Phaeton, ford, vintage, classic
Sara getting keys to car at the British Motor Museum

The 1929 Ford Model A again this year but this time with Sara-Jane Jordan having taken over the car at The British Motor Museum in April.

She was getting used to the A, crash gearbox etc, and then …..Sara had some problems with the car “…..the very hot summer weather affected the ignition coil and condenser. Once replaced the car gave me such pleasure and attracted great attention wherever I went.”
“As a consequence of enjoying the early motoring scene with the Model A, and  I have bought a 1933 Morris Minor which I will be enjoying after handing back the Model A to Peter Garrett.”

March 2019:  A Final Message from Sara-Jane as she nears the end of her year loan period.

Managed to get out in the Ford last Sunday and had a great day. Went  to a local car meeting and it was lovely in the sun with the roof down. I have had an amazing year with the car. I have made some really good friends and been out to some great shows. I now have my own car which will be finished by the end to April for me to enjoy. Thank you again for letting me have the opportunity I am looking forward to many happy years with my vintage car.


classic car loan project, 1929 Ford Model A Phaeton, ford, vintage, classic
Sara changing the ignition coil.

1934 Morgan Super Sports 3 wheeler with Holly Davies.







The owner and long time Morgan enthusiast, Andrew Morison was delighted when…..”Holly Davies took over the car as it was getting little use and I am pleased that Holly and her wider family can enjoy the car for the year”.
The car controls took very little time to get used to and Holly found that waving to folk released the hand throttle thus hampering progress along the roads of Derbyshire.
Holly too had some initial problems. The starter motor did not always engage fully with the flywheel. Holly was delighted to have help on hand…”To have great support from local members of the Morgan Three Wheeler Club. They sourced the necessary parts and we worked together to get it all sorted. Then the fun started….the Morgan is very lively and seems even quicker with the wind in your hair. A rewarding challenge to drive.  “

classic car loan project, Morgan 1934, morgan, vintage, classic

JANUARY 2019 Update by Holly:

After a mixed period of problems with the Morgan Mabel is now running wonderfully after some TLC  – and the cold weather has not stopped a quick blast out at the weekends, albeit with some different combinations of drivers and passengers due to the imminent arrival of our first child. Getting in and driving the Morgan is not too much of a problem, however whilst heavily pregnant getting out of a car with no doors is hilarious, and the risk of going into labour caused by too much laughing is no longer worth taking!

Dad  (added as a driver) took all 6 feet 2 inches of my younger brother out for a spin over the festive period…I think it was a successful father/son bonding period judging by the video evidence which can be seen on our blog. Dad has also taken my husband, Scott, out and taught him the basics of driving an older car.I think Scott has found a new level of respect for all drivers of classic cars, particularly those with hand throttles, three wheels and no rear view mirrors!

Mabel has definitely become a part of our family and we have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

MARCH 2019: Holly Summaries Her Year With The Morgan:

Well, where do I start with summarising the past year?

It all started with an email from my father about a classic car scheme.  When I asked him which car he would go for his response was pretty clear; ‘the Morgan, the Morgan or the Morgan’. So I dutifully filled out the entry form never for one second thinking that in a couple of months time she would be sitting in my garage! It wasn’t love at first site with myself and Mabel, however it was love at first drive. From the moment I mastered the gear changing and felt the wind in my hair I was smitten. I had very romantic ideals of going on all sorts of road trips with either my father or my husband over the summer however in hindsight this was a bit naive. The reality is that I have little experience of classic motoring and was actually quite nervous about being a custodian of someone else’s pride and joy. Mabel had a few mechanical issues that meant we didn’t make any of the destinations we set out for in the first few months, however I persevered and gradually, as my confidence grew we managed a few lovely Sunday blasts around the country roads.
My favourite part of this whole experience though has been the time spent in the garage working alongside my father, and John and Steve from the Morgan Three Wheeler club after work, doing what I can only describe as ‘tinkering’. I am as guilty as anyone of living close to my family but not always taking time to actually spend quality time with them.

So, Mabel, I thank you for giving me that opportunity with Dad. I’d also like to thank you for teaching me the importance of constant maintenance, being prepared, never going out without your toolkit and always having a Plan B! Our year together has been a pleasure and I still love just sticking my head into the garage to say hello to you.


I must say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported me over the past year, including but not limited to Bob Wilkinson, Steve Lister, John Chatwin, John, Iain Stewart, my husband Scott for being a very patient camera man and most importantly James Cornish, my father. I have a newfound respect for all classic motorists but more importantly twelve months of memories I will cherish forever.


You can follow the Morgan on:

Or their Youtube channel HERE


1960 Vauxhall Victor with Tom Pocock.


classic car loan project, Vauxhall Victor 1960, vauxhall, vintage, classic


1960 Vauxhall Victor was put on loan by the Vauxhall Victor Owners Club after being bequeathed by a late member.  Club Editor Ian Spruce was…. “pleased to see the car out and about rather in more regular use and giving pleasure.”

Tom Pocock, with partner Mary, fans of the sixties era were the lucky recipients. Tom enthused “Luckily the Victor shares a modern layout and many modern conveniences such as a synchromesh gearbox and windscreen wipers. Unfortunately, we did miss a few things like seat belts! The first thing that hit me was the smell, nothing quite smells like a classic!
A cooling problem hampered the first few journeys….eventually sorted and accepted as the vagaries of old time motoring.
The highlight was our visit to the Goodwood Revival – suitably attired –  the whole atmosphere created for us by the Victor.

One thing I have quickly learned is that any journey in a classic takes more time than a modern car, ….I must remember that there was a more leisurely pace in the 1960s. I’ve learned to plan my routes around B roads and avoid the motorway. It’s lovely to see so much more of the world than 3 lanes of traffic, taking in towns and villages that I would usually pass by. Secondly everybody wants to talk to you about the car, from petrol station forecourts, car parks, or even stopped at traffic lights classic cars have a universal appeal.
A wonderful year with the Victor! I am now browsing the classic car adverts. ”

classic car loan project, Vauxhall Victor 1960, vauxhall, vintage, classic
Mary with Victor at Goodwood



1983 Austin Maestro with Graeme Stoddart.

“Millie” the lovely low mileage Maestro was handed over to Graeme Stoddart by owner Lady Tanya Field. Graeme was accompanied by his daughter Emma and son Cameron.
Graeme says,” The whole family has enjoyed having her for classic car shows as well as small trips around our home town in Oxfordshire.  We’ve noticed many people who grew up in the eighties have taken a liking to her at the few car shows we’ve taken her to already as it reminds them of the cars their parents had when they were young.  The same reason I took an interest in the Classic Car Loan project as my parents has a Maestro when I was a child.

Fuel Leak!  Our first repair job was to fix a leaking pipe feeding into the fuel pump. A good opportunity to get the kids started with their training !
Another little job to keep things running smoothly was a tell-tale rattle from the front drivers side suggested a problem with brake pads.
Closer inspection revealed it was just one of the retaining springs which was slightly bent out of shape, so a quick adjustment and all was well. Another learning curve for Emma and Cameron.
Using the Maestro has been a trip down memory lane ….remembering our family car from years ago. Great!”

Above pictured are Emma & Cameron getting their hands dirty!