Your Own Grey Lady For The Year…?

This Grey Lady is of course a genteel reference to the beautifully engineered 1954 Alvis TC – 21- 100 saloon available for loan to a younger enthusiast under the Classic Car Loan Project (CCLP) for the year.
The Alvis TC 21 = 100 is a quality car rivaling the prestigious upmarket saloons of the era and favoured by the comfortably well off. This version with a lively 3 litre engine  was designed for grand touring at a pace and in style and is no slouch. No chauffeur is supplied but the Ritz doorman will be in attendance when you arrive!
If you would like to apply to have this beautiful car on loan (free! – just pay the low cost insurance via Peter James Insurance Co,) for the year just get in touch via the “How to Apply” page and “Contact Us” . The CCLP is designed to give younger enthusiasts a realistic experience of classic car ownership.

What better than this Alvis?