Our Success Story

Is the Project Working?         Have there been any success stories?          YES!

Apart from the experience of each of the young enthusiasts has enjoyed with a classic car for an extended loan, as recorded on earlier pages, some have bought a classic car of their own.

Sara-Jane Jordan: 1929 Ford Model A Phaeton in 2018.

Sara enjoyed her time with the old Ford as an excellent example of 1920’s / 30’s motoring. The gentle pace of travelling and the challenge of skilfully driving a car of that era all appealed to her.

So……as her year in charge of the Model A came to an end she bought a 1933 Morris Minor!

This is a car of the same era but smaller and, for her, more manageable if down on power compared to the bigger Ford.
Follow the video links below to see her driving the Morris for a first trip ….note no bonnet fitted!. Great fun!
We are told that Sara-Jane is looking for a larger car of the same era. Maybe a Ford Model A, Sara?



Richard Sanders: 1968 Morris Minor Traveller in 2019.

Richard has travelled far and wide ….even to Le Mans whist enjoying the Minor.

He has now bought a 30 year old 1990 Land Rover which will be of practical use and a classic in its own right. His words say it all…..

“I have always wanted a classic of my own. The Traveller has taken me on many adventures this year, several of which I certainly would not have experienced had it not been for the Traveller, and the loan project. And the experience has lead me to invest in a classic car of my own.. a very old Land Rover Defender in need of lots of work!
Thanks to my experience with the classic car loan project, I have now acquired a classic of my own. My Land Rover is a Defender 90 Truck. It has seen thirty British winters, and it shows! But I have always wanted to own one, and to take it on adventures. Previously I had been too scared that owning one might be a miserable experience of mechanical failures and breakdowns. But the Traveller taught me otherwise, and so I went for it.”

Rachel and Ray Cook: 1954 Ford Popular in 2019.

Ray Is Rachel Cook’s dad – Rachel had the 1954 Ford Popular in 2019. The whole family enjoyed having the Ford Popular so much that Ray went out and bought his own classic car!

Her dad’s chosen car is a 1936 Standard 10/12 . (See below). Without Rachel’s experience Ray may have missed out. He may be a slightly older convert to our hobby but very welcome. Enjoy your experience…..send us some stories of both cars out together….


1960 “Frogeye” Austin Healey Sprite. 

Josh Bennet bought this Sprite after having the Alvis TD 14 . A very different car but great fun.

1960 “Frogeye” Austin Healey Sprite

1978 Alfa Giulietta.

Richard Saunders fell for this Italian beauty after a year with the lovely English Morris Minor Traveller.

1978 Alfa Giulietta

1968 Volvo 123 Amazon.

Swedish beauty and performance attracted Tom Pocock into classic ownership after a year with the equally curvaceous Vauxhall Victor.

1968 Volvo 123 Amazon

These are just some of our success stories in terms of young drivers going on to buy their own classic after their experience in the Classic Car Loan Project. We wish them great enjoyment and thank them for being great ambassadors to the CCLP… 

Austin 7 Special

Following his extended loan with the Austrin 7 Ruby saloon, Luke has bought this very sporty little special. He is looking forward to some open-air fun! 

Morris Minor Traveller

Phillip has recently bought the lovely Minor Traveller to enjoy with family and friends on local picnic outings….as well as carrying the occasional package. A very different car from the Alvis TC Phillip had on loan….but he has now joined the classic car scene…..and enjoying it too!