Loan Cars for 2021


The following cars are on offer to enthusiasts for the 2021 season.
Cars will be handed over as virus restrictions allow.
(See “Hand Over ” page for normal situation.)
The availability of cars may change due to virus restrictions. Contact me for current situation.
Please contact me with inquiries regarding any last minute availability, and see the information on our “How to Apply” page. Thank you.
Have you, or your club, thought of offering a car to encourage the next generation of enthusiasts?
Cars for 2021 season from April are listed below. Due to the Project phases being interrupted by the Covid virus some cars have already been allocated.
Group 1 cars for April 2021. Group 2 cars for April 2022. See notes on each car.

GROUP 1: Cars available – please apply.

(Click on each picture.)

1929 Ford Model A Phaeton.

classic car loan project, 1929 Ford Model A Phaeton, ford, vintage, classic

Real vintage motoring in style. Just the car for the country roads with the picnic aboard. These cars are strong and reliable. Note : Right hand drive. Offered by the same private owner of the Model A saloon.

1934 Morgan Super Sports. 3 Wheeler.

Exhilarating! Wonderful open air motoring with surprisingly lively performance from the JAP engine. A very different drive. Car generously offered by the long time owner.

1949 Alvis TA14 Saloon.

A stylish and beautifully engineered saloon from the era. Drive in 1940’s luxury and comfort. This is a superbly restored saloon to be enjoyed.
Offered by a private owner and supported by the Alvis O.C.

1950 MG TD Sports .

A traditional English sports car – MG – the name tells you all! Open tourer with lively performance and 1950’s style.
An applicant is sought from Scotland to be near home support during the loan period.Offered by the same private owner as the Alvis TA14 and supported by the Octagon MG Club.
(The car is currently under restoration so may be delayed.)

1954 Ford Popular .

A beautifully restored Popular with some mild modifications to improve the performance and handling. Driving this car will bring a smile to your face ….and a smile from all who see it.
Offered by a generous private owner.

1960 Vauxhall Victor.

The Victor styling, outrageously trans-Atlantic on UK launch, shook the motoring public. This is a family saloon offering space and comfort with good performance. It will create a level of surprise even, today. Still looks great alongside a newer creation. Lovely 3 speed column change too. Car offered, and supported by,the Vauxhall Victor O.C.

1967 Riley Elf. 
(Coventry / Birmingham area applicant please).

A good everyday example of this hugely popular version of the Mini. Enjoy the typical Mini road holding and relax in the upmarket interior.This car will bring back family memories of the era.
Car purchased specifically to offer in the CCLP by the Riley Cars Archive Heritage Trust.

1982 Triumph Acclaim.

Offered by the Triumph Six Sports Club. A very usable modern classic ….. already almost 30 years old! An excellent starter clkassic which will perform well in all traffic conditions.

1987 Maestro 2 Litre Saloon.

A very usable example of this well known family saloon. This classic, with 2 litre engine will cope with modern traffic conditions. A good starter classic …..being prepared, and offered by a private owner.

1988 Volvo 240 Estate Car.

A lovely smart example of this Swedish icon. A classic estate car offering performance with massive space for family and camping gear. Provide your own Labrador!
Offered by the Volvo Enthusiasts Club.

GROUP 2. Below: 

Cars already allocated for 2021 season.

You may wish to apply to declare an interest for 2022 season or be considered if there is a change during 2021.

(Click on each picture).

1930 Ford Model A Saloon.

This Ford was the successor, with 5 million produced, to the iconic Ford Model T (17 million). A sturdy vintage motor car with a powerful 3 litre engine. “Long legged” for easy motoring . Note: this car is left hand drive.
Car courtesy of a private owner (including the Model A Phaeton.

1933 Austin 7 Saloon.

A fully restored little Austin 7, an icon of the era. Small car with big heart – excellent for the picnic runs in the countryside.
Car generously provided by the PWA7C – see Sponsors and Supporters page.

1933 Morgan 3 Wheeler – Matchless engine.

Another lovely and lively Morgan 3 -wheeler. The Matchless engine gives the car a good turn of speed to add to the thrill of open driving in the era when drivers were changing from motor bikes to cars.
Generously offered by a private owner – who also owns the Alvis TC 21.

1934 Austin 10 Clifton Tourer.

Open topped family motoring in 1930’s style again. The Austin 10 was the bigger brother of the very successful Austin 7 with all the same charm but a more powerful engine. Just the car for picnic runs in the countryside….provide your own hamper!
Generously offered by a private owner.

1936 Ford Model Y Saloon.

A good usable example of the more rare 4 door version of Ford’s sturdy 8 hp. saloon. This model, the first £100 full four-seater car, was the popular entry car for many motoring families and remained so for years. Ideal for pottering around the country roads.
Car offered to the project, specially bought, by a private syndicate of 4 owners.

1936 Austin 7 Ruby Saloon.

A later version of the Austin 7 above, and the final model in the Austin 7 range. Typical 1930’s small car motoring in gentle style. easy to drive and maintain. A car that will bring many a smile.
Privately owned and generously offered into the project.

1954 Alvis TC 21 “Grey Lady” Saloon.

Drive in luxury and style – with power from this beautifully engineered up-market car. This was the grand tourer of its day….you can relive that experience.
Offered by the same private owner of the Morgan (Matchless engine)

1956 Ford Anglia Saloon.

Ford’s first UK small car with hydraulic brakes and independent suspension. Allied to a lively 1172ccs. engine, body styling similar to the Zephyr range, and a more luxurious interior gave Ford a large share of the 1950’s car market.

1958 Wolseley 1500 Saloon.

This car was intended to replace the Morris Minor 1000 – using same platform but with a newly styled, colourful , body, and 1500 ccs. engine. Wooden dashboard and leather interior gave many families (including mine!) a comfortable journey. The grille boasts the distinctive Wolseley illuminated badge. The fully restored car is offered by the Wolseley Register. (Picture not actual car.)

1959 Triumph Herald Saloon.

A styling triumph of Italian styling (no pun intended) – almost revolutionary in design with forward hinging bonnet giving amazing access for care and maintenance. Being a full 4 seater with ample luggage space, bright interior, and excellent handling this car became a regular on our roads.
This low mileage car kindly offered by the Triumph Six Sports Club.

1967 Vauxhall Viva SL 90.

The Viva was the small car success for Vauxhall from the 1960’s. Reliable family motoring with style was evident. This very usable SL90, pictured at the NEC, has a more powerful engine enabling the car to keep up with modern traffic. The Vauxhall Viva O.C. kindly offered the car after a long ownership by a club member.

1968 Morris 1000 Traveller.

It is difficult to find a more British car than the Morris Minor – here in the very desirable “woody” Traveller style. Sound,reliable motoring with a smile but provide your own flag!
Kindly offered by the same private owner as the 100E Ford Anglia, above.

1983 Austin Maestro 1.3L.

Millie the Maestro was a one lady owner until recently. Seen here smiling after passing the MoT. The Maestro is becoming more into favour after years of being talked down by the anti-BL brigade. The Maestro offers a good opportunity for a new entrant to the classic car movement and will bring many conversations from families which owned one in it’s hey day.
Generously offered by a private owner.