Loan Cars 2020

The following cars are on offer to enthusiasts for the 2020 season.
Cars will be handed over as virus restrictions allow during 2020.
(See “Hand Over ” page for normal situation.)

The availability of cars may change due to virus restrictions. Contact me for current situation.

Please contact me with inquiries regarding any last minute availability, and see the information on our “How to Apply” page. Thank you.

Have you, or your club, thought of offering a car to encourage the next generation of enthusiasts?






1949 Alvis TA 14.               1954 Alvis TC 21- 100.









1936 Austin 7 Ruby.








1969 Morris Minor.                    1968 Morris Minor Traveller.
(Sorry – Saloon no longer available)








1929 Ford Model A Phaeton.        1936 Ford Model Y.








1954 Ford Popular                      1956 Ford Anglia.









1931 Ford Model A (Note car is Left Hand Drive)




1933 Austin 7 .

1934  Austin 10 Tourer







1983 Austin Maestro is privately owned.









1958 Wolseley 1500 Saloon (Library Picture). Actual car in paint shop.(April 2020). Now whole again…








1960 Rover 80 Saloon. – Sadly now withdrawn…..sorry to disappoint.







1987 Volvo 245 Estate.








1951 MG TD under restoration.           Library Pic. on right.











(Above): 1959 Triumph Herald and
1982  Triumph Acclaim.      Both from the Triumph Six Sports Club.





classic car loan project, Morgan 1934, super sports morgan, vintage, classic, 3 Wheeler
1934 Morgan Super Sports with JAP engine.

1933 Morgan with Matchless engine.













1967 Vauxhall Viva …..later at NEC.








The 1960 Vauxhall Victor.(above) … thanks again to the Victor Owners Club.







1985 Renault 5. (above) Has  1.4 engine. (SORRY – CAR WITHDRAWN).