How old do I have to be to have a car on loan?
Normally at least 25 years of age with full UK driving licence. I will consider applications from a wide age band.

What facilities do I need?
A secure garage is a must to safeguard the owner and driver’s interests.

I am not a mechanic. Does that matter?
No. However it helps to have some mechanical aptitude as you will need to carry out day to day checks on the car – oil / water /tyres  and under bonnet checks.

What about insurance?
Classic Car Comprehensive insurance, including breakdown cover, will be provided, at your expense, by well known experts Peter James Insurance Co.-who have supported our project from the start. All parties are protected.

Do other conditions apply to my loan car ?
Yes. You will be required to sign an agreement, with the car owner, concerning storage, maintenance and use of the car.

Can I go on tours with the car?
Yes. You can use the car for normal pleasure journeys. You would need to obtain the owner’s consent if taking the car away from base for a few days. ….club tour etc.

Can I do trials, hill climbs and similar activities?
No. The agreement and insurance prohibit any trial and track use.

What level of maintenance would I have to do?
The car would come serviced and in reliable “road use condition” so maintenance would normally be the routine and regular checking oil, water, tyres and other similar items as listed in the car handbook provided. The owner will take you through those points on hand over day.

What if I have minor problems with the car?
You will have a mentor (maybe car owner or club officer) to turn to for support and technical advice..

What if I have a breakdown on a journey?
Firstly you will have breakdown and recovery service to get over the emergency. When the vehicle is secure you will need to contact your mentor for advice on repair etc..

I am not familiar with older cars. Will I get some tuition on driving and the controls?
Yes. We have a Hand Over Day using the excellent facilities at The British Motor Museum, Gaydon, where you will get your first drive of the car on a private track area. The car owner will guide you through the controls etc. and ensure that you are comfortable in taking over the car.

Anything else?
Oh yes, you will be asked to send your stories of journeys and any trials and tribulations (with pics.) for this website. We all want to share your experience.

Can you help me to decide what car I should buy in due course?
Yes. See our Buyers Guide page.


Any other questions …. see Contact Page. …just ask.