Drivers Stories 2020

This is the page to read about the journeys and adventures of our latest group of drivers, some of whom are now finally able to get out on the road…..or nearly!  The effects of the Corona Virus pandemic have drastically reduced our activities. 

At present (May) only 6 cars are in the hands of our chosen young drivers.  Hopefully more will follow ……

Come back soon when we’ve had chance to update and grow this page.

Meanwhile catch up with the few…..!

1934 Morgan Three Wheeler Sports with Steven Finch.

Steven has been using the “lock down” time to give the Morgan some fine TLC ready for the day when he can drive the open road.



The video above shows a sparkling Morgan ready for the off! Just look at the engine valves working and listen to the exhaust….wonderful.


1949 Alvis TD 14 with Josh Bennett.

As lockdown eases Josh has been doing the occasional trip in the Alvis to keep the wheels turning. The oicture below is at the Hook Norton brewery where Josh had to pick up emergency supplies!


1954 Ford Popular with Rachel Cook.

Rachel had to persuade a reluctant Ford Pop that going out was now ok so long as he did not go far. He refused ! This necessitated him having to have his ignition checked along with some sharp words from Rachel. Picture tells the tale! “Pop” would not leave his lock down garage!
Even a What’s App tutorial to check the ignition did not work.
Ford Sidevalve Owners Club (FSOC) member Nigel to thee rescue….swapped the distributor and lo and behold “Pop ” decided to start! Even the dog was surprised as the pic. shows.. Rachel was mobile again.









1968 Morris Minor Traveller…..awaiting hand over.

The lovely little Minor Traveller was “locked in ” with previous recipient Richard Sanders. The car is now being prepared ready to hand on but first it has to go back to owner Norman Wedley. Richard is shown giving the car some TLC…




1988 Volvo 240 Estate with Jared Joubert.

Jared too has been getting the wheels turning again with the trusty Volvo Estate after weeks of lockdown. The picture below is in the lovely village of Swinnerby where the brightly coloured estate car drew admiring glances.